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The Problem
Remember, the last time you attended a great lecture or seminar – when you were all “charged up” and ready to “set-set-the-worldon- fire” with all the amazing information you just learned. Ever wonder why all that excitement and energy has escaped you? After all you know that the last lecture or seminar could really change your life. How can you keep the information and excitement alive?

What happened?
Did you know that we remember about 20% of what we read, 30% of what we hear, 50% of what we say, and 60% of what we do?   Add to that every night our mind reviews everything we did during the day, classifies it as important or unimportant, and flushes out of our short-term memory those items that are not deemed worthy of retaining.

Did you know that how you receive information and learn it is just as important as the information itself? Each of us has our own unique built-in comprehension and retention methodology. Some of us are Auditory, some Visual and some Kinesthetic, or some  combination thereof, so not everyone learns and understands the same way.   An auditory learner is great in a lecture environment. Auditory learners are triggered by words, inflection and cadence. They do  best with a well-presented lecture; the operative word is “well presented”. However, it is difficult for even the best lecturer to  maintain a high level of enthusiasm, energy and audience connection.

The Learning Mindset

Success Based on Scientific Research

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The EEG recording shows how using Neuro Messaging Technology results in increased levels of Alpha and Theta brainwaves.   Providing information while a person is in Theta, the listener can more easily relax and reduce the physical effects of the stress hormone adrenaline. Additionally since the body has gone through a natural relaxation cycle the body chemistry is naturally reset.  Serotonin and Endorphins levels naturally increase and the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol are reduced along with blood  pressure.   Success begins with Mindset”. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a tool, technique or secret weapon that could focus our mindset on  success?

Creating Sustainable Success
Did you know that there is an optimal brain wave learning state? Did you know that within a week of attending a seminar, listening  to a tape or reading an important article over 90% of the information is gone? It was stored in your short-term memory and then  erased. The information never made it to your long-term memory let alone the part of your memory that is responsible for putting  those thoughts into action, your “other-than-conscious-mind”, or as you might refer to it, your “sub-conscious-mind”.

The Missing Link for Success
Neuro Messaging Technology provides the missing link for increasing and retaining information success. Learning while in the  optimal brain wave state of Theta opens the door to increased retention, learning and understanding.

Neuro Messaging is easily delivered using the Master Key. The Master Key is a simple tool, easy to use, but one that is like no  other in its ability to enable you to focus and achieve your goals.

The Master Key is similar in size and function to an iPod but with an additional accessory, specialized glasses and uniquely  formatted audio programs created by experts in their fields. Like an iPod simply select the audio program you want to listen put on your headset and now the specialized glasses, lay back close your eyes and be prepared for an amazing experience of learning and transformation. All of this is possible because of the uniquely formatted audio programs and the specialized glasses that allow the  mind to reach its optimal brainwave learning state.

The Solution
Being in the Zone, we have all heard the phase but do you really understand what the phase means and how you get there. Top  business people and athletes know that “seeing themselves as successful or as winners” is the key to making it happen, getting into that positive mind-set, generating winning attitude. Now you have the help you need in creating that positive mind-set along with the  information you need to actually make it happen, the Master Key.

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How does it work?

The Master Key gets you into the Zone, the Theta Brainwave state. The Master Key will heighten your ability to learn and  comprehend. It will give that edge you need to achieve and build a better life.
Here is a sample list of the programs available:
1. Test Preparation for Easy Information recall
2. Producing Powerful Presentations
3. Enhancing your Reading Retention Rate
4. Easily Memorize Anything
5. The Power of Asking the Right Questions
6. The Secrets of Straight A Students
7. This Is YOUR Time
8. Homework – Now a Breeze
9. The Zone of Action
10. The Art of Sales
11. Purpose Passion and Wealth

Let’s take a closer look at some of the elements of communication and what you might learn while using the Master Key.  Communication is at the core of everything we do and what we become in our lives. The most successful people of all time were great communicators. By increasing your communications skills, you will also learn to train your mind, as you become a more effective communicator. Effective communication is a skill you can learn and improve with practice. It has a vital role in the life you create with yourself; it begins with your self-talk, what you think, sets the wheels in motion for the outcome of what you experience in your life. How you communicate and convey ideas with others determines the quality of your relationships. Your relationships feed  every element of your life—personal and business.


Using the Master Key will guide you into a new state of focused awareness—your optimal and ideal brain wave state where  transformation and learning occur. The Master Key will open your mind to new ideas and concepts, as you choose to let go of limiting thoughts, limiting beliefs and actions you have carried with you from the past. You will integrate the knowledge and information with infinite possibilities. You will follow the trail as new ideas and thoughts develop in your mind about how to be more productive with you time, energy and your personal genius. Your brain is able to store and process more information faster than the most powerful super computer and you can call on this genius at will anytime you choose.

Its time for you to use the power of your mind to achieve your goals, after all what you do today affects your health and  happiness tomorrow.

There are more than 400 to choose from experts such as Dr. Brenda Wade, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Jeff Howard and David VanHoose.

Here is what the Kaiser Nurse’s have to say:

“The chance to have a real solution and not just another pep talk will truly provide the nurses with the tool they need that actually makes a physical and emotional difference.”

Here is what Dr. Jonathan Ellerby has to say: Dr. Ellerby is a recipient of international awards in holistic healing, spiritual counseling, integrative medicine, corporate consulting, and author of the bestselling books, Return to the Sacred, and Your Spiritual Personality; leading expert practitioner at the highly acclaimed health clinic Canyon Ranch and recognized expert in films, print, television, and radio.

 “I cannot stress enough how much I have come to feel that the technology and programs offered by the Master Key are exactly what most people need today. The combination of education and the functional use of music and brain state science is the advantage people will need as they work to manage their busy lives, break habits, and make great changes in health and peace of mind. The momentum of the outside word is not to be underestimated, and the Master Key offers an antidote and an advantage that would help virtually anyone.”